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Delegation of Powers

The Trust body has the right to alter the levels of delegated powers if the school is placed in RI or Inadequate by Ofsted.



  • Approval of formal budget each financial year
  • Monitor monthly expenditure and inform the Senior Leadership Team and Chair of Governors 
  • Pensions undertaken by payroll provider
  • Buildings insurance and Public Liability insurance
  • Health and Safety policy

Governing Body

  • Charging and remissions
  • Setting of yearly budget (Requires approval at MAT level)
  • Reviewing budget three times a year at finance committee level
  • Financial decisions up to revenue balances
  • Contracts
  • Buildings and ICT upkeep
  • Health and Safety policy

Curriculum and Outcomes

Governing Body

  • Appointment of SIP
  • Curriculum policy
  • Curriculum committee
  • Collective worship
  • Outcomes - including teaching 
  • British values
  • Target setting for pupil achievement
  • Monitor pupil progress through the academic year
  • Holds responsibility for pupil progress and attainment  



  • Pay policies
  • Disciplinary and capability policies
  • Performance management policy 

Governing Body 

  • Appointment of Head Teacher, CEO or Trust Member
  • Appointment of Head Teacher's performance management reviewer
  • Leadership appointments
  • Teacher appointments
  • Non Teaching / Support Staff appointments
  • Pay decisions for the Head Teachers pay review
  • Pay decisions for Teaching staff
  • Pay decisions for Non Teaching / Support staff
  • Dismissals, suspensions and reinstatement's
  • Staff makeup 
  • Early retirement
  • Responsibility for implementation of performance management cycle 
  • Appointment of SIP
  • Ensure all staff meet safer recruitment requirements

Exclusions and Admissions

Governing Body

  • Temporary exclusions
  • Permanent exclusions
  • Admission criteria